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  • How do you calculate the employer's portion of payroll taxes?
  • What are people using for their payroll service bureau software? We need to find a replacement and don't want to use QuickBooks. Currently using Payroll CS from Creative Solutions.
  • You have a client who owns a small business (Schedule C) with employees. When he sends you his payroll information for quarterly tax reporting, he tells you that he has filed personal bankruptcy papers. He then asked you to inform him what the business payroll tax liability was AFTER the bankruptcy filing. Questions: Does this mean that two sets of payroll tax reports (941, state, etc.) will have to be filed? Will he need to apply for a new EIN? Or is the bankruptcy irrevelant for filing purposes?
  • Does anyone know if a not for profit camp that is a seasonal business can take advantage of this and be relieved of the employer share of FICA for their qualfied employers? This is a question relating to payroll taxes.
  • For a Maryland S-corporation, if there is no emplyee, the single shareholder is the only one receive W-2. Does the S-corp need to pay FUTA and MD SUTA? This is a question relating to payroll taxes.


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