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  • Where to you enter miscellaneous income on your tax form?
  • Three clients earn small amounts from singing, tailoring and football refereeing. Are these hobbies or should these sources of income be declared on tax returns? Will they be charged under the heading miscellaneous income?
  • "Should a Christian tithe off miscellaneous income, e.g. inheritance, gifts, winnings, tax refunds, legal settlements, etc.?"
  • Hi there. I'm checking this on behalf of a friend of mine who received $3,000 in non-employee compensation, for which she received a 1099-MISC. Is she required to file in NH because of this? Or is this still non-taxed income for the states. Is it a miscellaneous income?
  • Someone bought a new house in July 2005, without selling their old home. After trying to sell their old home for over 6 months they decided to rent out the old home, which they did on Oct 1, 2005. If I set the old home up as a rental property will this void their tax deferment for selling their old main home? Should I just treat the rent they received as rental income or miscellaneous income? I do not want to cause these people to lose their tax deferment for selling their old home. If I set it up as rental property is the tax deferment voided?


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