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  • I am consultant in New york, What type of tax serives I have to render it to my clients so that I will have high future growth.
  • My deceased father pension income is mistakenly addedby income tax authority in my mothers income account.  The slip with the income information had his Social security number on it, yet it was filed under my mothers Social security number. The pension company incorrectly overpayed my mothers suvivour portion of the pension at 100% instead of the 60% she was entitled to, and they now want 10 years of 40% overpayment repaid. Can the tax service be held responsible in any way?
  • I was married but lived seprately, my wife passed away in 2006. None of us  filed his tax return. We have 2 children that I believe should be entitled to his refund. His employer refused to give us refund because we were separated. I need a tax service lawyer to help me outt?
  • I am an employee earning $600 pm what type of tax services can I enjoy so that minimum tax can be paid from my end.
  • I owe $50,000 in back taxes from my deceased husband's business. I have paid back several thousand dollars, but I am no longer working and I can't afford to pay this and get a lien removed. I am 39, live on social security and a part time job and I need to purchase a new car, which I cannot do with a lien. Should I use a tax service lawyer because I do not trust the IRS.


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