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  • I am self employed handicap. Will an online tax preparation service be adequate for my tax needs?
  • I had a private accountant prepare my tax return a few years ago. I just got a letter from the IRS indicating that I own a ton of money, plus taxes (penalty). Looking into the issue I learned that my accountant made the reporting mistake. Of course I signed off trusting that my return was correct. What recourse do I have with my accountant? Can I get him to at least pay the interest and get my tax prep fee back since they screwed up? Unlike H&R Block's guarantee policy, I did sign a contract that states I have final responsibility for the return and I did sign off on the return.
  • I need a business plan for a income tax preparation service.
  • Do you know of an online tax preparation software program that is user-friendly besides Tax Act and Intuit? I am trying to prepare (for the first time) a Simple Trust Estate Tax return 1041 along with the Oklahoma forms. I live in Thailand, so it's a NON-REsident return. The software only allows input via answering the questions. I'm having difficulty understanding where to put what. The meat of the return is a Schedule E for Gas and Oil Royalty ($20K) and rented land for $5K. The estate has been opened since 2005 and is ongoing. Only 1 beneficiary (pass-through estate) (my brother) and I don't see in the Intuit Software how to reduce the income to the K-1. Consequently, it's calculating taxes on Fed and State.
  • Kim fernandis took $859.00 for tax preparation and to release holder on my car tags . I called this company , a bankruptcy message came up. My attorney was told me nothing , my car was impounded and I'm driving rental. Are there ways to get my money back or make them complete the job?


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