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  • I am an employer in U.K of 5 Factory . I gavecertain benefits like motor facillity, children educationto my employees. Do as an employer I have to pay tax or will it be included in my employees individual income. Please answer me as per tax laws.
  • I am planning to start a bag trading busniess. I am really worried about the tax laws. I don’t know the limits, rates, forms , exemptions applicable for bag trading business. I request you to please help?
  • I am falling under the mandatory filing of return clause, but due to some emergency I failed to submit it within time, will I be punishable or some relief will be given to me in tax laws?What is the penalty amount that has to be paid by defaulter in case of not following tax laws
  • As an employee I am getting a Children education facility will it be treated as a perquisite for me under tax laws or will be considered as salary?
  • I am a resident of France but rendering services in India, whether Indian Tax laws will be appilcable on me or I have to pay tax as per France Tax Laws only?
  • I am carrying a citizenship of two countries, which country's tax laws wil be applicable on me. Do I have to consider both countries tax laws while filing return ?


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