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  • Hi, rather disastrously, I lost my Biometric Residence Permit this morning on the tube. I hold a Tier 1 highly skilled migrant visa. I have written to the Home Office and filled in all the paperwork; will mail it to them tomorrow, so hopefully they will have it by saturday. I have to fly to the England on March 15th, which I have also told them, for my sister's wedding. (i.e. I don't have a choice). Please can you advise whether you think my BRP will be back in time?
  • My wife and I live in the Malaysian Islands and we are preparing to immigrtate to the Africa. We intend selling our home in Malaysia which has been our primary residence for the past 12 years. We have already purchased a home in the Africa which we intend to live in once we immigrate. If we do not manage to sell our Malaysia home before we move to the Africa will we be liable to any sort of Capital Gains Tax if we sell it once we are resident in the Africa?
  • My husband works inHong kong and i work in new york. my husband lives with his parents due to job requirement.. we own a home in Hong Kong.. Do we file a resident new york and resident nj return with both our incomes taxed to both states??
  • If I do not maintain a legal residence in the U.K.., what is my ""legal State of residence""?
  • I will have spent 20 years in UK on September 21nd 2012. Currently I am on a Tier 2 visa which will expire on 20th August 2012. I want to make an application for permanent residence on the basis of 20 year long term residence on 20th August 2012, about 3 weeks before my20 year is complete. Can I still apply for indefinite leave to remain or will I not be eligible?
  • I'm considering renting out my primary residence into a rental property for a couple of years, then move back as my primary residence again. Please advise the implications on my cost basis. The property is worth less than the original cost basis. I understand that as a rental property the cost basis is the lower of the original cost basis and the current market value. When I move back and re-establish my primary residence, does the lower cost basis remain, or can I re-claim the original cost basis (less any depreciation taken while rented)?


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