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  • I am very much concerned about the latest changes in the deductions for spousal support as it helps me in saving considerable amount of tax. Are there any planned or proposed changes to the Tax Code in California which will affect the deductibility of spousal support? if the deductions are being modified how it will affect me.
  • I am working primarily for medical care unit, and i need to knwo latest changes in the 2013 federal tax code regarding deductibility for nursing home care?

I am referencing IRS Pub 502 under the Nursing Home section. My dad pays approximately $45,000 a year for this care, and so far as i knw this amount is fully deductible as a medical expense under the Sch A - Other Medical and Dental Expenses section? Am i correct.

  • I am developing a PUD in florida, i want to know have there been any latest or previous tax changes regarding AG exemption in the State of Florida, say in the last 5 years or so? I have a piece of property whose size is somewhere around 200 ac, and growing hay on say 15-20 acres. I have alos planted pine on that land but timbered it. I am planning to add another small piece of land to my PUD (Planned unit development), but i am afraid that the tax appraiser might not still think we are eligible for the ag exemption. I need to know whether there is any provision in tax which will make this position clear.
  • I am working at ladies auxiliary with a local fire department. As per the provisions i share a tax code with the fire department, but have separate bank account and meeting. As per the recent repport of fire department (based on latest tax changes) the federal tax code is changing and demanding that we turn over our meeting minutes and put the president of the fire department on our bank accounts. I am confused and need little help to determine what tax code rules and regulations does this fall under and what all changes are expected due to this.
  • Due to latest changes in the tax department related to scrutiny procedures I got audited for 2010 Federal Tax, it resulted in a Kentucky State assessment of $9,100 additional State Tax dues. In reply i filled an amended 2010 Federal Tax return, this return had a two year carry back on a 20010 loss; this resulted in a 2008 refund, payment of 2009 assessed tax, and a 20010 refund; am i entiteled to get a refund of 2008 and 2009 State taxes paid?

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