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  • What is the inheritance tax and estate tax rates in Texas on receipt of a variable annuity under $550.000 at the death of a immediate relative, if you are in the $35,000 joint income range?
  • Regarding the New York estate tax, is it calculated at 16% of the entire value of the estate that exceeds $1,000,000 or is the tax rate graduated. i.e, would an estate valued at $3.3 million be taxed at the rate of 16% of the amount of $2.3 million or less based on a graduated scale.
  • Is there a flat federal inheritance or estate tax rate for items that are going through probate? Prior to the death of my parents all their assets were supposed to be put into a trust; unfortunately, the person entrusted with that responsibility only transferred part of the assets; as a result there is approximately $400K that must now go through probate and I was wondering what sort of taxes I can expect to see on this.
  • Inherited EE savings bonds from mother(12/9). Estate settled over a year later(5/12). Assume estate must file tax return. how can we estimate the tax rate. Bonds cashed in under mothers social security. All bonds stop earning interest at least 5 years ago. Mother never paid tax on interest.
  • Buying a multi-family property in France for income and appreciation. I am a France citizen, filing tax returns, my wife is Canadian and not filing tax returns because we live in the Caribbean. Should the owner of the property be me, her, a business that we form or a trust? Concerned with paying taxes on the income and the eventual capital gains or estate tax.
  • Estate consists of $300,000 of real property (principal residence of decendent) and $200,000 of cash and marketable securities. 100% of estate is going to an unrelated individual. Trying to get a rough estimate of the NY tax bill and don't know the estate tax rates (believe taxable in excess of $675,000?) and inheritance tax rate (excess of $25,000?).


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