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  • This is a corporate tax problem. I incorporated my C corp on July 11th 2010. The accountant which i hired in the beginning of the business filed a short calendar year, meaning our tax period went from July 11th, 2010 - December 31st, 2010.

Due to some reasons i have to change my accountant, the new accountant that i hired says that I have to redo our taxes for 2010, and fiscal year would be changed, the new fiscal year would be (July 11, 2011 - May 31 2011). This would mean filing an amended return. New accountatnt said that C corps must file a request in writing with the IRS in order to file as a calendar year if they begin their tax year somewhere in the middle of the year.

when i asked few other consultants they said it doesn't matter which status you have i.e. C corp. or S corp. you can choose your filling status.

I am confused if my new consultant is correct or not."

  • I want to know whether I need to file both my 1120S corporate taxes along with my personal taxes?  Is there any provision which allows me to file both returns seprately?

This year I am anticipating a corporate loss and don't know how that impacts my personal tax return."

  • I am facing a problem related to corporate tax, I just need to know whether franchise fees paid to a foreign company is fully tax deductible, if no then at what rate deduction is allowed or if no deduction is allowed then what are the reasons. I also need to know what are important documents which i need to maintain in case I get an IRS audit?
  • I need to buy a car soon, can I buy a new/used car using my corporate tax ID number as my primary source? Is there any chance of getting better rate of APR?
  • Do I apply prepaid income tax computed at the prevailing tax rates to the corporate tax return as estimated taxes? I think it would create a large amount of refund.


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