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  • I have an individual health savings account (HSA) compatible health insurance plan. I read somewhere that there may or may not be a tax benefit from putting money in an HSA account. How do I determine if there will be a tax benefit?  If I put USD 3500 (pre tax) in a health savings account (equal to the annual deductible). Will that money then not be taxed? If it is taxable what is a tax rate on it?
  • If my employer doesn't offer health saving account, Can I set a health saving account to be deducted as a pre-tax with an external organization. I am going to have a large health related expense and want to know if anywhere I can deduct it from my income as a tax free? What types of deductions before tax I should be aware of as single person?
  • My high deductible health plan (HDHP) was cancelled on 3/1/2011.  I had a question about how to report & treat my Health Savings Account (HSA) on my 2011 1040?
  • I have a HSA account at work that I put money into each month and my company puts money into each month also. What is the entry when money gets put into the bank each month? What is the entry when I use that money of HSA account to pay for a medical bill?
  • I am single and earn $50,000. i have a health savings account of $6000. out of this, 1000 comes from a cafeteria plan, and 1500 out of pocket. I received a 1099 SA with gross distributions of 3481.what should I do, how it impact my taxes?


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