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  • I am operating as a health advisor from my home, i have incurred expenses on my home office and business vehicle. The business was established as a S corp and i am the only employee in the organization. I pay myself a salary of $1000 P.M and get a w2, Profit earned by the busniess is distributed by S corp to me through a K1. I want to do some savings in my tax expense and need a consultant to guide me as how do I record income from the business so that the home office and business vehicle expenses are deductions?
  • I am planning to start my work as an independent contractor consultant, I have few questions in my mind which i want a tax saving consultant to answer.....
          -Should I form a business to run my expenses etc. through?

          - If i want to get the maximum tax advantage which type of business is best."

  • I am a self employed professional savings consultant providing consultancy to a large oil field service company. The company pay me $800 per day for every day i spent in the field. I spent approximately 180 days in the field. Which is the best form of business i.e. best entity to operate in order to decrease taxes, soc.sec. payments, give my wife a salary and show a yearly income much less than the $150K I'm earning on my form 1099 ?
  • I am in property tax consultant since last 10 years, i just realized that our standard contract has a gaping hole in the middle of it! I want to include a clause in the contract which will state that the contract will be transferred to the new owner with the transfer of property. How can I accomplish this? Can i insert a Survival clause detailing our services work? I need legal advice and verbiage in paragraph form that will protect our interest in the tax savings.
  • I am Bob, by profession i am a professor and I also have a consulting business. Status of my business is quite active. Should I set up a separate business identity to get registered or just file the tax return under my social security number and treat it as a small home business? Which option is better from tax perpective??


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