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  • I am highly concerned about hiring a CPA who has a record of handling faulty returns ,and who in the future may be audited by the IRS. What due diligence should i follow in order to determine whether my CPA is competent enough to handle my work and is of good standing in IRS.
  • I am operating as a Civil constructor, I have been using a machine since last 10 years, but have not charged depreciation, now my CPA whose hiring was done by my niece says that I should charge depreciation with retrospective period. Is he right?
  • I am in the process of hiring a CPA as i need help on taxes issues transfer pricing, I am situated in US and have recently opened up a subsidiary in china. I need help on various issues such as which provisions of transfer pricing are applicable in case I transfer raw material and machines to them etc..
  • My firm is incorporated in the state of california, but hired individuals for my photoshoot in Nevada. Am I obliged to pay the Nevada govt any sort of ftanchise tax? I hired a CPA last month, what would I supply to him to make sure that I don't have to pay the tax (if applicable)
  • Me and my wife are in the process of hiring a surrogate. The agent hired by us told us that all of the surrogacy expenses are tax deductible. On the contrary my CPA told me that none of the associated medical costs or expenses can be deducted. I don't know who is correct, please guide.


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