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  • I'm an 18 year old internet marketer who makes about $200$ per year. I specialize in affiliate marketing. Now, the affiliate company that I get commission checks from is based out of the US. I live in England, UK. Some people have told me that I am liable for no taxes since I am generating revenue outside of the UK. However, some have told me that I am liable for US taxes, even though only about 10% of people who purchase products through my sites are from the US (about 40% of customers are from UK, 10% from US, 10% from Australia, 10-15% Canada, and the rest is miscellaneous). 

    Also, I am not issued any of those ""W"" tax forms that US companies issue for taxes since the affiliate company is in the UK. How should I go about paying taxes? Should I set up an LLC and operate under that? I've been reading up on all of this and I'm really confused as to how I should even begin.

  • Where the copy for 1099 miscellaneous is sent for nc state tax department?
  • A miscellaneous tax issue - How do you solve a problem of sales tax and discounts?
  • What are the tax consequences of owning a master limited partnership?
  • Do you claim workman's comp on your income taxes? This is just a miscellaneous tax issue.


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