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  • My husband's ex is coming after him for back child support. They want to garnish our tax refund, so we're filing an 8379, Innocent Spouse Allocation, to protect my half of the federal refund. Does France have anything like that that I could file to protect my half of the state refund?
  • I got into financial difficulties without the participation or knowledge or knowledge of my husband. We were divorced. A judgment was entered against both of us. Now the husband is being garnished. He feels that he is an "Innocent Spouse" and wants relief on those grounds. What is your opinion?
  • is it worth it to file an innocent spouse form in the state of France, a community state. My Wife made no money last year, so all the refund should be mine, but her debts are being taken from my refund. We filed jointly.
  • This is my second marriage. I was filing innocent spouse relief from my previous marriage, and then filling joint tax return with new marriage could the new spouse be held accountable for the taxes from the previous marriage?
  • My wife and I filed jointly back in 2008 & 2009. We got audited and were charged $50,000 in taxes. In 2011 we both filed for bankruptcy I filed chapter 13 and she filed a 7. My side of it is fine; however my attorney says there was a Tax lien filed in March 2011 going after my wife's 401k. I thought 401 K was exempt. He says no because of the lien, which we did not know about. Is this true?
  • I am seeking Innocent Spouse Relief eventhough we filed separately? My ex-wife wanted me to file this way when we were married. Can I do this?


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