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  • I am a teleworker who works from my home office.  May I deduct expenses for office supplies used in my home office on my income tax return?
  • I notice that my eligibility to deduct home office expenses depends in part on whether I'm required to pay for these expenses under my "contract of employment."  How do I provide evidence to the Canada Revenue Agency that my home office expenses are a part of my contract of employment?
  • How to Deduct Home Office Expenses On Your Federal Tax Return?
  • I've submitted my income tax return but the Canada Revenue Agency has rejected some of my home office expense deductions.  Will my employer act on my behalf to ensure my home office expense deductions are accepted by the CRA?
  • I'm not sure if some of my home office expenses are tax deductible and what the process is for completing the applicable sections of my income tax return.  Is there an in-house tax expert that can advise me?  Are any other resources available?


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