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  • Tax filing Status - My husband and I were divorced in July 2009. I filed an extension on April 20th to be submitted by July 15th, 2010. I was going to file married filing jointly - If both of us sign the tax return - is this considered perjury? what can happen?
  • I lived as a single woman in England for most of the year, until 31 July 2012, with 5 children and have been claiming Head of Household as my filing status. On 31 July 2012, I moved to US where I began working on the 15th of September and maintained my own household and 5 children. In the beginning of December 2012, my ex-husband and I reconciled, moved in together and remarried on the 29th of December. Until then he also lived alone in Englandith one child and had also been claiming Head of Household as his filing status. Although we are currently married and can file "Married filing jointly", do we have option of filing separately as Head of Household? We spent 5years apart, maintained separate households for 5 years and also had our own dependents. We are both 40 years old and work full time jobs.
  • A single-member, no-employee LLC. Do I improve my liability coverage or other benefits of an LLC by having an EIN rather than using my SSN? If so, what filing status should I elect?
  • I was recently married (June27, 2007) and am a FT worker earning approx. 49K yearly. My husband is self-employed earning less than 22K yearly. I'm trying to update my W-4 and I'm unsure if I should file married or married single. My husband has a few business expenses (rent and supplies) - if I filed the regular married status, should I claim those for him? And would I be required to file with him everytime he must file his self-employment taxes? All of this is very confusing to me and I want to make sure we are doing everything correctly. At this point I believe he does not need to file quarterly since he doesn't have more than $500 in self-employment tax annually.(Filling status)
  • My daughter employer changed his filing status from single/0; to married/married jt2 spouses wk. Currently all tax withholdings are in the negative(-). Are they allowed to do this? How can they not withhold state,fed,ss,and medicare? He is single! Has 3 children that he claims at the in of the year. HELP!!!
  • For 2010, I maintained my personal home in NJ & my wife was based in NY for all of 2010. However, I ended up working on a temporary basis out of Pennsylvania between sometime in January 2010 & July end 2010. What should I file my tax return as for Pennsylvania state - Non-resident or part-time resident? Please note that, I always maintained a permanent abode through out 2010 outside Pennsylvania even though I had a temporary place to stay while working in Pennsylvania during the period mentioned above & my wife and family always stayed in Texas through out 2006. I owned a home in Texas through out year 2010 & never owned any home in Pennsylvania during the period I stayed in Pennsylvania for that short time-frame (Jan 15th to Aug 20th). Please also note that, my wife worked in NJ through out 2010. what should be my filing status for filing my 2010 Pennsylvania State tax return - Non-resident or part-year resident"?


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