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  • Tom's Mother and Father both died this past year. All of their properties were sold and the funds they received were placed in a checking/savings account. They were unable to take care of themselves anymore. They lived in an assisted living facility. Tom is listed as a joint owner of their checking/savings account. Tom's Mother passed away in June and his Father this December. Tom had a Durable Power of Attorney for my Father. Now he want to file their final Income Tax return. There is a will appointing Tom the personal representative of their estate. Since Tom's Father is deceased, is the durable power of attorney still in effect? Can he sign the return for his Father and Mother's return as their personal representative. Do he need to probate the will so that he can file their return. Help
  • Can a final tax return be filed for the deceased?
  • Can't find the answer to if two spouses who filed separately (one spouse dies in the meantime) can amend and file jointly provided the personal representitive of the deceased agrees to the filing for the deceased spouse. Your feedback is appreciated.
  • If a deceased taxpayer has cancelled credit card debt the year after death, do I file a 1041 using form 982 if insolvent or should this debt cancellation and 982 be reported on the widowers 1040 this year? He has already filed this year. A final 1040 was filed last year for the deceased. She filed married filing joint with her husband. No other reason for a Estate return except for this. The 1099 -C's came in the deceased taxpayers social.
  • 1099R for trust issued using deceased taxpayer's SSN. Illinois taxpayer with living trust died in 2011. Spouse set up EIN for trust. But all 1099s received with name of trust but taxpayer's SSN, not trust EIN, and reflecting tax withheld. Should these be reported on 1040 not 1041, since using SSN? There is no other income for the trust, so prepare zero 1041 with letter attached?
  • Clearance from IRS for deceased taxpayers. Is there a way to receive confirmation from the IRS that no further taxes will be required from the estate - both for individual taxes and for estate taxes? This would provide the executor with the confidence to release the balance of estate funds without worry of future reassessments or demands for taxes from the IRS. Client lived in Canada and died in Canada. Thank you for your help.


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