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  • What is the tax rate for C corporations?
  • Is there an IRS form to report, file, and pay the accumulated earnings tax for a C corporation?
  • A massive shift of the federal tax burden away from corporations and onto individuals. Is the massive shift just a statistical mirage as the political right contends? Do the numbers just reflect the shift from C corporations to S corporations under the IRS tax rules where corporate income is no longer taxable to the corporation but is rather passed through to individuals who must then pay individual income taxes on them? Is the move from corporate to individual taxes in the data not a real shifting the burden of federal taxation in the US?
  • What is the rationale for taxing C Corporations differently than S Corporations, LLCs & Partnerships?
  • My C-Corporation client made a big charitable donation from his Corporation. I was confused as to how to handle this on the tax return. I was having problems explaining the tax treatment to the client. Can you kindly once again share your expertise in simple words as to how I should be treating this deduction for tax purposes?


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