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  • I am filling out schedule L for an inactive LLC created in jan, 2011, please help in doing that:-

Contribution of members in LLC is as follows:

Member 1 <--- 40000 Cash

Member 2 <--- 12000 Cash

Member 3 <--- 6500 of value in equipment

I have Sch. L (1) Cash....... (b) = 0, (d) = 40000 + 12000 = 52000.

(14) Total assets... (b) = 0, (d) = 52000.0

(21) Partners' CA.... (b) = 0, (d) = 52000.0

Member 3 provided totally depreciated equipment prior to contribution. Where do I place the contribution? In cash or somewhere else?

LLc was created in 2011 and the contributions were made in feb, 11. So the (beginning of tax year column b) should be zero for everything and the (end of year column d) should record the contributions? Also discuss any tax issues that i might face.

  • My name is Daniel and I am doctor, I don't know how but Someone Used My Social Security Number for filling of taxes – What Should I Do?
  • I don't owe anything to the IRS, am I still liable to file my tax return. Is filling of taxes mandatory for those who already has paid all the taxes by indirect measures and those who are not working.
  • I got married 3 months back, till time I use to file tax return as unmarried individual. Now I need to know whether I can file the reutn under the status of married filling jointly/. Is ther any provistion regarding the same.
  • I am a US citizen who has lived in the UK for 14 years (my wife is English). We are planning to return to the US to live permanently. I have just found out that before I'm allowed to return to the states I must have filed US tax returns while I have been living/working in the UK (something I have not done). filling of tax return is of crucial importance. I have been sent a link by the US Embassy/IRS to download the forms but it looks like I will have to fill out a tax form for every year I have worked in the UK (13 years). Has anyone had a similar experience to me? I'm hoping there will be a quicker way to get this authorized so our plans aren't delayed.

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