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  • What is minimum wage for tipped employees inEurope? What laws regard my wage if I am working an event with ""forced gratuity"" (service charges) that I do not receive all of?
  • Minimum wage went up effect 2/3/2013 for the Canada. We are preparing payroll with a pay date of 5/4/2013 and feel we should pay the new rate since it's money paid in 2013. But I'm being told because the hours are for 2011 I should pay the old rate for the hours worked in 2011 and the new rate for the hours worked in 2013. Is that correct? And how do I find documentation to show that?
  • Is hourly pay for min. wage calculated with base salary plus commission averaged out over hours worked? I'm in Florida if it matters. I've always been told that the salary plus the commission was used to calculate a true Hourly Wage, and that that number was what we should use to determine if we were obeying minimum wage law or not. One of our salesmen had a terrible month in which he sold maybe 20% of what our salesmen usually sell in a month, so his commission check is tiny. He will make less than minimum wage, but it's not our fault. First, am I right that commissions do count towards minimum wage law compliance in Florida? Second, what do we do when someone just don't sell and therefore will make under minimum wage? I really want to be in compliance with all laws.
  • Can bar owner choose to pay minimum wage to the waiter and keep tip with him? I know that he is required to pay federal minimum wage (base pay+tip). But what if he finds that paying minimum federal wage is more beneficial to him than paying tip to the waiter? is it legal?
  • If an employee on comision makes less than minimum wage is the employer require to pay the differance? n Does this apply to all types of employment such as mechanics and car salespeopl
  • If my commissions are lower than hours worked at minimum wage, should I get hours worked? And if I get hours worked, does that amount carry over to the next month to be repaid by commissions earned. I am in the automobile repair business.

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