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  • Current IFS standards allow the billing of Milage rates for travel via automobile @55.5 cents per mile dirven. If hotel, airline and related travel fees are incurred, they will be billed to the client at cost. In case of such travelling, there shall be a $100/day cap on meals.

My client earlier agreed to all the proposals and also signmed the contract with me which doesn't specifically state the above - now they say they will not pay mileage while in their city, nor will they pay for meals. What is my recourse?"

  • I recently bought a car and now into the course of my tax planning and reduction, I need to know is there a limit of years i can use full mileage rate of 55 cents on the car which I bought? what is cents/mi on an auto I use it for 8 yrs?
  • Using the standard mileage rate for my one business van, can I eliminate commuting miles from my mileage chart each day seeing as I use form 8829 Business use of the home and write off for office in home. With my office being in home, would there technically be commute miles from my home office to my first appointment each day? Thus can I write off all those commute miles as business miles in the future? I run a remodeling business from my home with one work van going to several appointments and back home each day
  • I owned I van which I used for the official purpose, I have always taken the std mileage rate deduction for that car, I sold it earlier this year. I need to know does the std mileage rate include depreciation also as I am not the owner of that car anymore?
  • The business mileage rate according to the IRS webpage is set @ .50/mile. is that the maximum a business is allowed to charge a customer or just what the max the biz can put as a deduction


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