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  • I have some medical expenses related to an injury received while working a side business. Can I claim this and if so, where do i put it? I keep searching for medical expenses and cant find any
  • If I win a lawsuit and have to reimburse the insurance company for medical expenses can I deduct those medical expenses?
  • What medical expenses qualify for early withdrawal without paying the extra 20% penalty. Oral surgery/birth defect?
  • Regarding Health club Plan limits on medical expense reimbursements. Is there a maximum allowable amount for reimbursable of out of pocket health club expenses on a calendar year basis?
  • i need to ask what is the concept of medical expenses of husband, is it the responsibilities of wife to provide him medical expenses or it comes under the responsibility of him family.
  • I have been paying mortgage amd medical expenses for a friend for three years. He has been unemployed due to medical reasons and would otherwise lose his house and his medical insurance if I didn't pay him major expenses. He has now qualified for permanent disability. Is there any way I can claim these considerable expenses as a deduction? This person has at times lived in my home when she has been most ill and required my assistance on a daily basis.

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