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Our Taxation experts answer questions on Child care expenses such as:

  • My wife  falsely represents daycare expenses to increase the childsupport she receives, can a I as a husband request a refund on fraudulent daycare expenses that my wife misled the court in applying?
  • I am away on busniess so i hired one person who looked at my childre, Can I deduct childcare expenses above the normal child care deduction for those fees paid to an overnight sitter?
  • My ex wife is claiming my daughter as her dependent, Now I wanted to claim child care expenses of my daughter, Can I claim it?
  • Where do I enter day care expenses in federal tax return for a foster child that I'm not claiming as a dependent?
  • Me and my husband  had an agreement I pay childcare expenses fully and get to claim child on my taxes. the first two years he lived up to agreement but this year he reneged. I have some receipts with my name on it directly but almost ALL the receipts for the entire period. He also wanted to claim the deduction, can we both claim it. We live in Texas.


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