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  • My company supports employee's moving expenses. According to the accounting provisions which accounting expense item should I enter in my books? Will it be considered as employee benefit expense?
  • I am operating a company and need to know one thing, if I reimburses an employee for his living expenses up to a certain amount every year, does the company provide a 1099 MISC to this employee (as well as a W2 for their wages)?
  • I am in law profession and as an attorney I advance costs for my client to file lawsuits. later i deduct all the costs spent on filling lawsuite as business expenses. My client will 1099 me for legal fees and reimbursed costs. Accouding to the accounting provisions Is this the proper method of reporting these expenses and income.
  • I am running a software development company,  Do i have to account for unallowed expenses (ie. meals & entertainment etc) from the tax return on the books?  If so, how do you journalize that and what provisions of IRS are applicable in this behalf
  • I am trying to obtain a potential rental property that never closed, i need to know how Should I be deduct the expenses incurred during the process of obtaining it. These expenses include things like inspection cost, option money etc. please explain me the provisions regarding the expenses incurred in the process.


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