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  • I included a sizable student loan debt in my CH 13. At what point will I learn how the court is going to treat the claim ?
  • I recently refinanced my student loan with a lender on the basis that they would refi two loans - one UK denominated loan and one US denominated. I was very transparent that the only reason i wanted to refi was to refi the UK portion of the loan and consolidate the two loan amounts into USD. I received multiple assurances from the lender that this would be possible, after I made it clear that the only reason i wanted to refi was to pay down the UK poriton of my loan. I received approval in mid-Oct for the refi of both loans, I was told that the funds would be disbursed in due course. I duly signed the loan agreement, which covered the UK and US amount. The US portion was duly paid off, but I heard nothing about the UK portion. After chasing the lender, I was finally notified ~two months after the initial approval that the UK portion couldn't be paid off because funds were no longer available. I feel as if the lender has falsely represented the services available, and wonder if i have any recourse?
  • I have a $57,000 private student loan that has been collections for approx. 11yrs. I have always had intentions to pay it off (once I finished school,etc.), but life has had some obstacles. Monthly, I send them $900. Once in a while they would contact me, but they usually left me alone. This past OCT>. they started to contact me monthly. I was advised to send a validation letter. They sent me back my promissory letters (for the 5 accounts) & documention of my payments to the original lender that go up to 1999. None of my payments to them, all these years, were documented. My mom is the cosigner & a letter was sent to my parents'house advising to settle the loan before it goes to their ""pre-legal dept. I left the gentleman a message (to hold him off), but he called today. Here is my question -Should I contact a lawyer to help me work with them negotiating the loan? I get nervous talking to them. Do I have rights since they couldn't show me my payments I made?
  • I have a private student loan---unsubsidized. Loan dated 05/2010 in amount of $5500 with variable rate of 16.3%. Sallie Mae ""Margin"" defined as 17.750%. Rate is much higher than TN usury law allows---prime plus 4%. Is this type contract somehow exempt from usury laws? At that rate the the balance is increasing faster than installment payments. Possible to pusure a usury suit? Is that civil?
  • Hi- I have accrued a significant student loan in NJ (due to ridiculous lending/interest by NJ IRD & youthful naiivity) -started as $44 000, with interest now $200 000!! I live in France & have done so for almost 10yrs. I have not heard from the IRD in some time as have moved -is there any way that if they did try to claim my loan back through the courts that it would be considered ""time barred""? Also, can they bankrupt you in the France for debt originating in NJ?
  • I put money on my sons student loan....since then the loan company has taken 3 large withdraws from my savings account without permission. What can I do?


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