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  • My first claim for exemption was denied by the judge, can I file for another exemption?
  • I recently received paper work to list exemptions from a judgment on a Sears'accounts that I went to court for in July, because I put myself on a debt consolation program so I could try and fix my finances. I am a Kim on disability @ 100%;so I need to know what I need to do with this paper work and can things be taken away from me now?
  • I have been claiming 4 federal exemptions on my W-4 in 2011 and want to adjust that number so I don't owe the state taxes in 2012. Can you help me find the correct number?
  • I just received in mail a garnishment exemption notice & notice of intent to levy or garnish earnings letter from District Court here in minnesota. I am self employed and they have named as a 3rd party/garnishee a company that pays me my commisions. this 3rd party does not withold state or federal taxes out of my commisions being self employed I do that. my question is does the 3rd party in this instance have to honor the garnishment and withold a portion of my commisions.
  • Can my homestead exemption be checked as exceeding $136,400 on schedule c since I'm on social security disability and the exemption is $250k? And how do I apply leftover exemptions to property? I have a few ch 9 bk questions cuz I have to get amended schedules in soon. My 361 meeting was postponed so I could Amman schedules, so do I have to do motion and notice forms to 3 lien holders that have judgements before the creditors meeting? I also never mailed my intention to the secured lender, do I need to?
  • Can an exemption for a child (age 15) be taken on the final income tax return of a deceased (divorced) parent. The parent died in mid July. The estate will be providing the child a K-1 showing a size-able distribution which will be reported on the deceased parents tax return (if possible)and pay taxes as per the kiddie tax rules. The second parent (remarried) is taking custody of the child. They have a high income along with a much higher tax rate than that of the deceased parent.


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