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  • I am applying for a study visa for myself to do an undergraduate course in the UK. I understand that I cannot bring my dependents which are a 7 yr old an a 3 year old infant. So I plan to apply or a visa or my 7year old since I want her to attend a private American school in the UK while I complete my 5 year degree program. I had also planned the same for my 3 yr old and secured places for them in a really good American School for which I have the means to pay. I now understand that since the baby is not yet 4, she is not eligible to apply for a tier 4 student visa like myself and my older daughter, so what am I to do? I can't leave her in America until i grt back or she turns 4 and the UK laws won't let her go to pre-school in the UK essentially even though I will be paying fees. How can I bring my children with me to the UK while I undertake my studies. Financial support for them is not an issue for me and I think this new law simply discourages mature students from seeking to gain qualifications from the UK. About 30 years ago, I studied in the US for an MBA. Today, as a mother of two young children, I want to study for a degree in Silversmithing, Goldsmithing and Jewellery. I have a passion for creativity and I was fortunate to have been able to secure a place on this program. I do not want to miss the opportunity, neither do I want to abandon my children to family here in the US when they can be with me during my course.
  • I received a notice that I claimed my dependents for 2011, when I shouldn't have. However, my ex-wife has to be current on child support at the end of even years, or I am entitled to do so. I have information showing that he was in arrears and also did not have me sign form 8332 (as I did in for 2007 and 2008). Where do I send the information to prove I am entitled to claim them? I need an address.
  • My brother is terminally ill. Zero dependents/unmarried. I am beneficiary, have power of attorney, etc. He is buying a house/has a mortgage. What are advantages and disadvantages of his submitting a Quit Claim Deed -- transferring the deed of his property to me before his death.
  • Can H1B dependents (i.e. H4 visa holders) apply for a green card if they change their visa to a J1 visa? there is any difference between different types of J1s regarding problems with the green card application? like a j1 exchange student might be different from a j1 for post docs?
  • If I make 55,000 per year, file single with no dependents, go to school paying tuition of about 10,000 per year, will I owe taxes at the end of the year? I typically withhole 1%. Any answers will help me a great deal. I am considering taking a better paying job, which is the 35K, but it puts me in a higher tax bracket I believe.
  • I received a letter from my employer re: a ""dependent audit"". It states that I am required to provide ""proof"" for my dependents. e.g. marriage/birth certificates, copis of joint bank accounts, tax returns, etc. The letter states that if I don't provide documentation, my ""dependents will not have benefits coverage in 2014."" Besides being a pain in the butt, I think this is an invasion of privacy. Can they legally deny coverage if I don't comply? When I enrolled in the plan(s), I attested to the dependents I listed in the enrollment.


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