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  • How do I retroactively designate my major charitable donations as coming from my 2011 RMD?
  • I have a taxable income of $26,000 and charitable deductions of $61,000. I have a tax ""credit"" from previous years of $11,000 and approximately $8,000 of that can be used this tax year. I just learned that I have $52,000 in depreciation during 2009 and that was not included in figuring my adjusted income listed above. What are the dollars differences in what I will pay in tax and what I will be able to keep ""in hand"" when and if we apply the depreciation. Is it possible that the decrease in my adjusted income will be so great that I will end up paying more tax on my deductions than I will save by reducing my taxable income?
  • I do not seem to be able to find the place to deduct charitable contributions other than the standard deduction on forms 1040 or 1040A. Am I blind? I have income of 91,380 and I have donated 60,225 in cash donations.
  • Deduction Pro has figured out my charitable contributions, and while I did donate chrystal serving wear, Wedgewood eatery and ornaments that I inherited (and a good number of them), I am afraid of the huge amount of money the program is showing my deduction to be. I can't find another suitable deduction program not connected to doing my taxes. what should I do?
  • Charitable contribution deductions for Capital Gains Property made by individuals with a reduction for long term capital gains to public charities are limited to what percentage of AGI: 50%, 40%, 30% OR 20%?
  • .I'm using Deduction Pro to enter charitable deductions. Where/how do I list this type of contribution: I purchased items for the donated brand new items...example: cord for a stereo that was broken, new seat for the nursery, materials to decorate for Christmas they get listed as items (there's no "new" category listed though), money donations or expenses related to volunteering?


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