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  • I received a letter from the IRS requesting a copy of my 2011 Residential Energy Credit receipt. I found one on them for a TV but not the washer and dryer I purchased. Do I call the IRS and speak to concerning the lost receipt or do I just amend my 2011 taxes. I notice that if the Residential Energy Credit amount I claimed was deleted by my 1040 it had no impact on my return amount.
  • My husband has claimes residential energy tax credit for the year 2011. But in july 2012 we got seperated. Can I as a separate woman also claim residential tax energy credit?
  • "My husband died in 2004 and I was told I could claim him for 2 years. Is this true?
  • Also, is there a tax credit given for energy saving devices such as insulation or a new energy efficient heat/air pump?"
  • I have sold one house in France, is there any residential energy tax credit on sale of any residential property?
  • "I paid $3000 down in Nov 10 on a siding and window job that was completed in April 10. The $3000 was specifically to cover the cost of 2 energy efficient windows that was part of the job. Total job value - $9600

Window value - $550 Credit - $790

Can I take this residential energy credit on my 10 taxes?"


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