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  • Can I claim Earned Income Credit on my child if I am not claiming her as a dependent? We (the parents) agreed to take turns filing tax exemptions on the child every other year. I am the custodial parent, and she lives with me full time.
  • My Earned Income Credit was disallowed this year because my ex-wife's was audited for his 2010 returns (which we filed jointly). I have filled out the application to re-apply. Do I include that when I send my return? Or do I send it in separately?
  • Suppose a person has three daughters-a 19 year old, a 12 year old, and a 14 year old. The 19 year old made $22,000.00 For tax purposes the IRS allows a sibling to claim younger brothers/sisters for the EIC. In order to maximize the Earned Income Credits the ideal strategy would be for the 19 year old to claim her sisters and the parent to claim the 19 year old. Can the 19 year old claim the 12 and 14 year olds for EIC purposes and the 19 year old's parent claim her for the EIC on the parent's taxes? Also, the 19 year old receives $6600 annually in survivorship social security money (deceased natural parent). Does working impact the 19 year old's taxable social security money or reduce her social security money in any way?
  • I am a divorced mother of 2 and live in the same home with my ex-husband. We both work full time, but my income is significantly more than him. I use the head of household filing status, claim the dependent exemptions and also the child tax credit. My ex-husband files single with no dependents. Due to my income, I do not qualify for EITC, but she does. As both children lived with us for the same amount of time during the year, is it acceptable for me to claim the Head of Household status, exemptions and child tax credit and for her to claim just the Earned Income Tax Credit without the exemptions and child tax credit?
  • I qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit with my 25 year old son who was a full time student in 2009. I am NOT however claiming him as a dependant so he can claim herself. Will I still qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit even if he claims himself on his taxes and me not claiming him as a dependant?
  • Can I as a father claim an earned income credit for qualifying child living with me for over 8 months if the mother claims her as an exemption?


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