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  • Recently my company lost subsequent amount which we have invested into the stock market, now due to such loss 3/4the wealth of the investors wipped out of the market. We have received the letter form Securities and exchange commission (SEC) to delist ourself from the stock exchange and convert the public company into private company within next 4 weeks. Now i need to know whether this particular step of SEC is legitimate or not.
  • I have invested my lifetime saving in a publical company, now its been 4 years since I have invested the money. Now the public company in which the money is invested is being converted into private company and the management has decided to buy the shares at half the price of the current market price. This will cause me great loss at this age when i planned to retire. What is the recourse available to me, where shall i go.
  • I am operating as a public company and there are huge compliances which are required to be fulfilled in day to day course. The cost of operating the company has significantly increased as compared to the benefits of incorporating the public company. Now i am planning to convert the public company into private company, i just need to know whether the cost of operations is same in case of private and public company, what are the difference in both, Would it be beneficial to convert the company into private company.
  • What are the capital gain provision applicable to the shareholders of the public company which is undergoing the conversion process. I hold 100 shares which I purchased 6 months ago @ 35.25 Per share and the compnay has offered rate of $45 per share. I am not in favor of selling my shares under this scheme. what should i do, how much tax due i owe to IRS.
  • I am involved in the process of converstion of the public  compnay into private company. The management has asked me is it necessary to change the name of the company as well, the company is enjoying the status of S- sub corporations from last 15 years, please advice.


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