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  • I have 20%  shares in a private company owned by 5 shareholders (20% shares each). we are in a process of converting the private company into public company, what are the capital gains and stamp duty implications if i transfer my shares in the name of my spouce. Will the share register show that the shares are held by me and transferred to my spouce or just show my spouce name?
  • Recently the management of my compnay has decided to go public and the responsibility of converting the company from private to public is been assigned to me. I have a question in my mind, our company has huge amount of profit in retained earnings. Now if we convert the private company into public company is there any restriction that we won't be able to use the reatined earning account for next 5 years, i wonder this should not be the case as this will discourage the enterprenuership.
  • My company is dealing in the manufacture of sports shoes for domestic market, as now all the brands has become international we have also decided to enter into cross border market. To enter into such huge area our company needs funds and to raise funds the management has decided to convert the private company into public company. We have received the share applications for the amount exceeding the issued shares, now i need to know what is the maximum amount of time which is allowed to return the money of those applicants to whom we have not alloted the shares or the allotment is done for the less no. of shares as compared to what is being applied by them.
  • My company was earlier a Public company but due to fiancial losses I have to convert it into the private company, now the business has become stable and I want to convert my company again into a public company, am I not allowed to do so. I heard it somewhere that a private company which was earlier converted from a public company is not allowed to go public again, if so what recourse do i have?
  • I hold approximately 400 shares of a publicaly listed company and now I have heard that the company will convert into private company. If the company does go private does the company automatically buy all the shares from shareholders at market value or does the shares pretty much drop to $0.00 ?


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