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The Taxation professionals at ExpertsLand can answer your Partnership firm into LLP questions like:

  • My partnership firm got converted into LLP. Will there be any capital gain on this conversion?
  • I own one partnership firm. We are unable to manage it due to higher tax rates . We are confused with whether to convert it into LLP or INC. Please help me.
  • We are 7 members in partnership. We are planning to convert the partnership into LLp with only 2 partners. Is it possible to have 2 partners LLp?
  • I am into partnership firm, where the main business is of manufacturing. Our gross sales ar decreasing so we are planning to convert the partnership firm into LLP . Is it possible to convert the firm. Will there be any effect which will increase the sales.
  • We the partners are planning to convert partnership firm into LLp. What are the procedural requiremnets that we need to follow with , so that not to be in limelight in future.


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