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How nice will it be if expert advice is readily available for any of your personal injury claims? A personal injury can happen all of a sudden if you are hit by a car, a motorcycle or even a bicycle. Sometimes, it so happens that a person is injured at their workplace and there have been instances when people have had to suffer for no fault of theirs on account of medical negligence.

Some may take a dim view of seeking expert advice for personal injury claims. However, one’s doubts of hiring a personal injury attorney will be put to rest if he/she assists in recovering the entire amount of compensation as well the money spent on the  treatment, rehabilitation and medical equipment.

Let us delve a little deeper into the varied nature of personal injuries, which could really be quite bizarre at times. After all, what can one say about boating accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, dog bites, sexual abuse and injuries caused by malfunctioning products.

It will not be wrong to say that negligence is the prime factor that plays a pivotal role in bringing about a majority of the personal injuries that we have talked about so far. It is the duty of every personal injury attorney to prove convincingly that the defendant had shown negligence, which ultimately brought harm to their client. Breach of duty is what the accused could be proved guilty of.

A personal injury often has a direct cause as it can stem from lack of action or some deliberate acts committed by the offender. In most cases, it is the financial loss, mainly medical bills, that prompts an aggrieved party into taking legal action against the culprit. It is also important for a client to understand that personal injury laws vary from state to state. The expertise and knowledge base of a San Diego accident lawyer could vary from those of accident lawyers in Las Vegas.

Here is a heartening bit of news concerning automobile accident injuries wherein the ruling happened in the favor of the victim:

In September 2010, the Ontario Government made significant reductions to the medical benefits that the victims of a motor vehicle accident could avail themselves of.

The limit for the treatments that were not covered by the health care system was brought down from $100,000 to $50,000. The reduction however was much greater in the case of minor injuries wherein the amount was lowered considerably to $3,500. This drastic step was basically taken to dissuade rehabilitation providers from enticing their customers into returning for treatments again and again.

While the $50,000 limit could be extended through the payment of higher premiums, the cap concerning minor injuries could not be tinkered with.

Readers will be happy to know that the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) has recently ruled in favor of a car accident victim who succeeded in receiving a compensation, which was in excess of the limit that had been set for minor injuries.   

The victim in this case cited some plausible reasons for demanding a larger compensation. He said that he had pre-existing injuries and was facing psychological difficulties as well. For this reason, he made an earnest bid to be recompensed suitably so that he could recover the money that he had spent on attendant care, housekeeping, medical and rehabilitation.

The ruling by the FSCO has given accident victims the right that they can exercise to demand justice. What it suggests is that the $3,500 cap could well be in for a review.  

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