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An 18-year old Mississauga resident entered a custody with his parents for full custody over his two brothers, ages 12 and 14 under the family court laws.

The intention was to take his brothers away from the “insanity” that had plagued their lives due to their parent’s divorce proceedings, confidently asserting that his brothers could get a much better living while with him on welfare with some subsidies from their parents instead of living a helpless intoxicated life with their parents.

The mother’s claim stating that the two young boys were “brainwashed” against   her by their father consequently led to the inclusion of “deprogramming” for t     the   two young boys sanctioned by the family law court.

In family law cases, there is often somebody who gets harmed emotionally   beyond limits.  It is therefore, recommended to involve a Family lawyer in your family disputes who understands not just the technical family law issues but also takes into account all parties, immediate and extended family included, overall a sensible friend like lawyer.ExpertsLand comes to rescue people out of such situations.

What Family Law is All About?? Well, we have provided a detailed 2 hour class session from YouTube that would take you through the answer of this question.

Family lawAct deals with the family related issues and also domestic relationships. These relations can be between two people, unions, partners etc. The domain of family law works with:


  • Paternity frauds and paternity tests
  • Civil unions, domestic partnership and marriage
  • Child Abduction and Child abuse
  • Surrogacy as well as adoption
  • Adjudication of juvenile
  • Termination of ancillary issues and relationships which include annulment, alimony, divorce, property settlement, visitation, child custody, etc.

A survey by Citizens Advice and Resolution, the national organization of family lawyers, of nearly 1,000 family law casesfound that over half (54%) needed to be referred to a family law solicitor, and over 60% were eligible for legal aid under the current rules under the family law court.

Some of the top-rated family lawyers from across the world have come on boardExpertslandallowing people to get served with their expertise and skills through a user friendly and affordable platform. Expertsland acts as a bridge between the masses seeking family law advices in affordable prices and the world’s best lawyers. Having promised quality, Expertsland is committed to deliver cent percent satisfaction and that is achieved through our policy of detailed follow up procedure where our clients are encouraged to ask n-number of follow up questions on family court lawstill the time they are completely satisfied. In spite of owning the honor of answering 76% of the total answers at the first time without leaving any measure of doubt, Expertsland expects its clients to ask and be satisfied enough to spread the word about us.

If you are undergoing that immense stress of a family dispute and struggling with Family law Act, wait no longer and grab the services of our experts before your opposition grabs it. Conquer over your fears emerging from the dispute with us by registering now.  

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