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Are you curious about investing in Mutual Funds after hearing a lot about them from others? Do you take investment planning seriously and are keen to know which funds will offer you a healthy return?

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  • Hi i am bob a US resident living abroad, someone just told me that it is not legal for me to hold mutual funds outside the USA. I have mentioned all details of mutual funds held by me in my tax return. I was never told that as a US citizen i am not rightfull to hold Mutual funds outside US. I want to sell thsese mutual funds, please guide me if I am entitled to hold them or not.
  • I am an accountant at child care trust in US, the trust has funds lying idle in the banks so the trustees has decided to invest the funds in mutual funds. I need to know what is the maximum limit for a trust to invest in a mutual fund i.e. maximum persimissible limit for a trust to invest in any mutual fund?
  • I am Ron earlier i use to work for for a Mutual Fund company based in NY state. Last month i left that mututal fund company and joined antother company, but my old compamy has not yet paid my earned commissions for last month and also the amount of earned commissions that they decided to defer on their own for the previous year. After searching the net for few hours i could realize that the company has voilated NY State Labor Law sec 191 (c), am i correct and if yes then how soon can a case under this section is expected to get solved?
  • I want to invest my savings into mutual funds, I have two options one is to invest in a growth fund and another is dividend reinvestment fund. What is the difference between both and which one is better. Can you please name few of the mutual funds which has given the high percentage of returns in last few years.
  • Being a US citizen, If I withdraw all the money I have invested in a non performing mutual fund and then invest it in real estate, do i have to pay any type of income tax, I am not sure of this but i think there is no requirement of that as i am just moving from one investment to another..
  • I want to left a trust for the benefit of my son, If I transfer mutual fund shares to such trust created for my son and I am the trustee of the trust, is the value of such shares be counted out of my estate for estate tax purposes on my later death or not?


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