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  • My uncle is financially well off, so far as i know. He lives off on the dividend income he get each year which is some wherer around - $200,000/year before taxes. I also want to acquire the same wealth for my self but i wonder how is that possible. According to you what steps did my uncle took in order to get there. How much money is required for investment in stocks and bonds to have such a high divided income?
  • I am confused as where to invest bonds or stock. The bonds pay interest of 8.5% annually but under current tax rules, this works out to a net yield of 5.53% because your interest income is taxed as ordinary income. That means someone in the top income tax bracket loses 35% of their bond interest to taxes, plus any state taxes that would be owed. The stock, in contrast, has a 5% dividend yield but dividends are taxed at a maximum rate of 15%. This means the dividend yield net of taxes is 4.25%. Thus, the difference between the two yields is not 3.5% as it would appear on the surface, but only 1.28%


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