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  • I am tyring to do the investment planning for my clients, but can not locate a single point of view that whether I should provide the consultancy keeping the long term capital gain as my motive or should I focus moe on the short term gains such as dividend income as so.
  • An issues has got considerabe audience, a study revealed that an average family may end up having 30% less in total lifetime accumulated wealth in their 401(k) plans due to high fees and expenses. Is there any way to reduce the total expense on this.
  • I'm 45 years old with a $185000 to invest in a couch potato portfolio. Currently i hold a combination of XIU and VT that's all over the place because it is not properly allocated. I have already paid off my mortgage obligation and therefore have significant amount of money with me, I think that i should skip the real estate allocation and keep $10000 in a high interest savings account for emergencies. I also think that it's best to keep the U.S equity portion in the RSP for tax efficiency purpose. I want to know how should i allocate the rest of the funds. From what I've read, it's best to keep the US equity portion in the RSP for tax efficiency.
  • 5 Year ago i made an investment while doing investment planning for myself. This month i will be receiving some “rollover” money from that investment. Basically i rolled over about $50,000 from 401K Plan opted by me during my old job now i am inteersted in investing that money as the previous company is ""cashing” it out(it just about doubled in value so about 90-100K). Since i already have Roth accounts and contribute the max each year, I was going to call Vanguard and discuss with them about opening up a TIRA account and investing all the money into that? Any comments on whether that is wise or i should invest the money somewhere else.
  • I heard that for portfolio planning investing in Fund supermarkets is a better option. In fund supermarket you'll enjoy low charges, and they also offers discounts up to 5.5% on initial investment. And, also all your ISAs will be in one place, you'll also be able to manage your portfolio more efficiently. please suggest whether i should invest in it or not.
  • Could someone recommend good portfolio planning software or maybe some kind of excel spreadsheet (if there is one)? I am looking for a software that will help me in design hypothetical portfolios. I want a software that would enable me to enter a large number of positions of varying size, few big, few very small, and get automatic feedback on percentages as I am making changes so that I could see, as I was designing the portfolio, exactly what percentage of the portfolio each position occupied.


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