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  • I am facing a dilemma, I own non covered Financial securities (which is provided by the trading broker through 1099-B) on Schedule D, I need to know whether I am suppose to report them?
  • Can anyone discover whether the International Association of Securities Dealers dealing in the financial securities in Tokyo is genuine or not. There is a firm called as Campbell Merger Solutions, who is regulating the activities of this body.
  • Quicken portfolio download from schwab - I am facing deep trouble in operating it . Some of the Financial securities does not have any price and the account balances of few accounts is deficient. And also there is a small L appearing in the left corner of the price box....Someone please help?
  • The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regualting the financial securities market periodically put charges on individuals for being involved in insider trading and claims that those individuals have made unfair profits. This week I also received a notice from them claiming that I have also been indulged in such activities which is not true. What should i do?
  • I am an individual filling my tax return under the stateus of unmarried resident individual, I currently sold all the financial securities I had as I was in the need of money. Do I have to report the gain or loss incurred on all these securities in the current tax return and if yes then what is the tax rate applicable to it?


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