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  • I am an accounts graduate working with a firm which pays me $5,000 per month, I want to know where and how much investment should I made for my child higher studies. I have a girl whose age is 3 now.
  • I want to create a portfolio by investing in common shares, There are various type of common shares that are being offered by the companies can you tell me what all type of common shares are their.
  • People often say that don's invest all the funds in one place. But I don's understand why is it so, if a person can get good return by investing in one stock only then why not make all investment in one stock?
  • There are so many terms and abreviations used by the market analyst and investment experts while presenting a stock analysis report, can somebody what all the abreviations used by the market analysts means
  • What are the statutory compliances that a person has to fulfill if he/she has made investment in 63% of common shares of an organization.
  • I have a pension fund with US Life portfolio plan.3 Years ago i released 30% of my fund and the money was utilized to buy a float for my retirement.In five years I will be 70, i am planning to relase the remaining fund and use it to pay off the rest of my mortgage at that time, is this feasible and if yes then how do I go about it?


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