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The controversial concept of digital currency Bitcoin (BTC) first surfaced during 2008 when a pseudonymous hacker, unknown till now, defined it as a possible option for all electronic transactions. It has received its fair share of criticism from financial experts since then but nothing could stop it from getting acknowledgement around the globe.

BitcoinMarket is growing unexpectedly. However, itstrue concept has always been clouded by the misconceptions fueled by controversies over a span of 4 years. Hence to get the true idea of Bitcoin’sconcept, it is essential to get to its root, history, and other important details.

What is Bitcoin (BTC)?         

The term was first coined by anonymous developer during 2008 for an open source P2P electronic cash system. This system allows users to buy things online with the digital currency Bitcoin secured by its server—Bitcoin Miners. All payments via bitcoins can be made from computers and smartphones without having an intermediate financial institution.

Following video explains the same more lucidly

Miners confirms transactions by making a contact with an internet-based network.  The transactions add up to its ledger updated regularly to ensure flawless transactions. This process generates new bitcoins halved after every four years until 2140. Bitcoin derives its idea from the process of cryptography to control the creation and transfer the money. It’s not controlled by any central authority.

How do I use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a highly popular digital currency that can be used as real money for buying things. To get bitcoins, you have to follow two easy steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Get the Wallet

First download the Original Bitcoin Client and then install the client on your computer. It has three different installation versions for windows, mac, and linux computers. Another best option to get the Wallet is to get it online at Coinbase or MyWallet, which doesn’t require installation. However, you have to be extra cautious to not lose your password and the sites maintain your Wallet not you. 

You will now get the Bitcoin Address where you will receive your bitcoins.

Step 2: Now Get Bitcoins

a)   You can easily get bitcoinsfrom several bonus programs by participating in surveys etc.

b)   Get bitcoins from local Bitcoiners in your area.

c)    You can also get physical bitcoins from Casascius and Bitbills by using your credit card via MemoryDealers. 

d)   For a large amount of bitcoins, contact currency exchanges like Mt. Gox, Bitstamp, CampBX, Intersango, and Virtex (CA).

e)   If currency exchange is not your option, then deal directly at Bitcoin OTC.


Bitcoin and the Money Influx

There have been debates over bitcoinspricesensuring the influx of free money, which hasn’t received a conclusion even today. However, the explanationsand facts, set forth by the experts in such recurring debates over bitcoins free market, are worth everyone’s attention.There are many facets about bitcoin which are still unclear and might take some-time to settle down.

Though most of the people are still unclear about bitcoins, our experts have already answered questions on it. Some of the questions answered are –

  • Fluctuation of bitcoins prices is crazy. How do I take a part in bitcoin market?
  • Why and the canadian bitcoin exchange sell bitcoins for different amounts than each other?
  • Is bitcoin a foreign currency or an asset for US federal tax purposes?
  • Do I need to pay GST if I trade in bitcoins in Australia with another Australian?
  • Can I consider bitcoins to be a foreign currency for tax purposes?


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