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  • I am final year law student, age 21. I want to buy a small house in the outsurds of CA, I have saved $18,500 since my school. But all I have is cash and nothing is in my bank account. If I go to buy the new car am I required to make the payment via Bank account. My family is dependent as my father died when i was 15 and i am the only person in my house earning the money. Is there any tax relief or rebate i can claim
  • I am 68 years old man and out of work due to serious long term physical disability which cause due to a serious accident. I want to share a personal finance problem, as of now I do not have any significant debt. to repay, my basic concern is that:- I have 3 car payments, one of which is for $364 per month with 15 payments left. The second one $114 per month with 18 payments left and the final one is for $201 per month with 10 payments left. I could pay all for about $10,000. I am contemplating withdrawing the $10,000 out of my retirement savings. I only have approx $190,000. Would it be a wise decision, to withdraw from the retirement savings account?"
  • I am into consulting business and help the clients in personal finance problems. Currently a client of mine asked me where should he show the expenses he pays me in his IRS tax return and is there any additional benefit he can take if he is taking the consultancy to set up a new business for the development of technology.
  • This is more of a personal finance question. I live in Colorado, Recently i came to know that my Doctor who also lives in Colorado has placed my outstanding debt (which were not paid since last 6 months) with a collection agency. The collection agency has reported my outstanding debt and now it is appearing my credit report which has dropped my score to 75 Points. The collection agency never tried to contact me for the outstanding bill of $500.00, i had the money with me but i havent paid it yet due to some personal problems that i am facing since last 12 months. If the agency could have sent me the bill then i would have paid it. I want to know that is it the responsibility of agency to contact me before reporting, what should I do next, beside paying the bill.
  • I want to ask a personal finance problem. My wife invested in stock (including day trading) by using the money that i transferred to her. Somehow she managed to make a profit of Rs 14,540 in 2012. How will this amount be taxed as she does not have any other income?

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