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  • I am working in an MNC, in denver, I have a annual income of $100000, I want to make proper investments which will give me proper return on my investment, please help me in doing my financial planning
  • My name is Scot, I need assistance on investing azbout $50000 in different set of portfolios, I want you to please help me in doing my financial planning with which I will be having adequate returns on my investment
  • I am having soe issues with financial planning of my company, I can either use aggressive plan of financing or conservative plan, with the chnaging interst rates in the market, which plan do you think, I should go for if there are different interest rates for short term loan and different for long term loan
  • I am looking for a fianancial planning expert who can help me in making my personal as well as corporate financial plan, if I have monthly income of $45000. I am a single mother with 2 children, I want to do planning which will give better returns for my future eductaion of children
  • Please help me with the financial planning, I have a montjhly income of $35000 and I am able to save about 30% of my total income, I want to do some investments which will help me in proepr returns, please help me


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