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  • I am been given a job for financial and business planning for the organization, I have two options which I need to use which pertains to aggressive policy of financing and conservative policy, how do I proceed with my business and financial planning, please help me
  • Please help me in making buisness planning, what all aspects do I need to consider if I am making a business plan for a flower shop in Toronto, please help me
  • I am very much interested in business planning for which I want to know different aspects of the market as well as the financial, I have no clue how do I proceed for the business planning
  • I am a final year student of finance, I want to initiate and start a business for which I need help in the financial planning as well business planning. How about starting a small staitionary ouside the college, please help me with the business planning
  • I am very good in numbers and finance, but when it comes to the business planning, I am not able to analyze the market and make any proper business planning, I opened a ice cream parlor in Denver, I am handling all the financial aspect, but I am not able to take care of the business planning and startegies part, please help me


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