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  • Hay! I am running a small business in Oasis, I want to make a budgeted and financial forecasting of my income statement, I need to know the base of doing it, please help me
  • is financial forecasting for a small organization important? Please help me in making my financial forecasting statement. I am running a hardware business and have present sales of $45000
  • Few days back, I made my financial forecasting statements, I assumed the growth to be 5% in sales and inflation to be 4%. Do I need to take a net effect of 1% as the growth in every revenue and expenses? Please help!!!!!
  • My name is Angelia, I want to prepare budgeted financial forecasting, please help me with the ways through which I can prepare my forecasted statements.
  • Hay, I am Jack, I am looking for a fianncial analyst who can help me through the financial forecasting for the financial statement of my hardware company, please Iu want detailed analysis and results.


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