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  • Is it possible for a person with criminal history to get into banking, investing, financial analysis? A friend of mine is charged with Petty theft, (1994), pretrial diversion; criminal mischief (1995), guilty; disorderly conduct, {merged with a noise violation, littering and resisting arrest} (2002), guilty. For 2002 conviction, he tried to represent himself because the state had not allowed him a public defender and he couldn't afford a lawyer. What should be done in this case. Any suggestion?
  • While doing the financial analysis of a company I came across an interesting fact, that the company has been using the funds of the retirement fund established for the benefit of the pensioners for its own use. When asked the management replied that they want to earn high return on the funds, is it fine to use the retirement fund for the company use.
  • 5 days ago I signed a contract for financial analysis service, the consultant told me that I can terminate the contract before the service was scheduled. Now I want to cancel this contract of financial services as I am uncomfortable with the company, a potential Scam. I tried to contact the representative but could not connect to them don't know why, am i liable to take the their service or, can I refuse to take the service and refuse to pay.
  • My partner's LLC seeks my help for bookkeeping and financial analysis purpose which it provided it, the LLC sent me a 1099-misc for 2010's work with $8,600. The LLC didn't sent me check directly but include it with my partner's guaranteed payment check. My concern in the present case is, should the LLC report to the MA state except the state copy of 1099-misc?
  • Does financial analysis of a target company is required to be get done from some independent body in case a copany is in process of acquiring other organization. Which code of conduct of the companies act is applicable to it.

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