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  • My company deals in merger & Acquistions, recently we merged 2 companies together. SO it is compulsory for one company to change its name to the new company, we are done with all the legal procedures and paperwork. We now need to change the title of the building it has ownership of into the new companies name in the state of California. Do we have to fill any generic form get it notarized and then file it somewhere or is there a requirement of attorney.
  • My company, Crux telecom has just merged with Creative telecom to form CCRX telecom. What all do I have to do in order to brought over the customer of Creative telecom to Crux telecom.
  • My company just merged with another service provider and we both currently have PSC certification. Is there a need to contact PSC/Regulatory boards regarding the merger.
  • I think that I have been done over by Murray Merger and backed up by Interntional Mergers and Acquisitions Administration (IMAA) for China Voice Holdings sell back to a Japanese buyer. I am not sure whether i can get back my money or not as i called up the buff this week after watching the warning on the FSA website and they have not called back and i don't think that they will even call. What should i do?
  • How will the changed credit landscape affects the once-formidable power equity firms in the Merger & Acquisitions process and how PE firms shoring up their financiang for mega deals?


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