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  • Can I deduct the interest paid on the second home--which is in the next town over--in addition to claiming interest on the first home? If the answer is yes then what and where the entery for the interest should be made and if no then why not?
  • In order to raise capital, my company is planning to sell bonds as this will help me in reaching directly to the public by avoiding the mediators such as banks and financial institutions. My company is planning to sell bonds with a face amount of $500 and paying 6% annual interest. How should i record the sale of these bonds in the accounting information system and what price should i charged for each bond if i need to procure the funds at an effective rate of 7%.
  • Could the company charge the shareholder prescribed interest rate to avoid having to clear the loan by issuing salary? If it so, is there any time limit when the shareholder should repay the loan?
  • In K-1 Report of some hedgefunds interest income and dividend (both qualified and non-qualified) is reported in Box 1 Ordinary and Box 11F Other why is this so? Why are ST and LT capital gains also both reported in Box 8 & 9, as well as Box 11F?
  • I need to calculate the AFR interest rate for a promissory note of $80,000 issued by my company to me and the date of execution is 1/6/2012. Note is pyable in 3 years, I know this should fall under short-term, but need help in how to calculate and compund the interest accurate for annual payment to inclue principal and interest with the declining principal in years 2 and 3. Need to report the interest paid in my tax return. pls help


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