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  • I live in Texas and just inhereted $50,000 from my late Uncle Tom, I am confused where to invest this much money. I am not good at finance can somebody advice me!
  • Hi, my name is stacy. I just joined as a finance trainee in a company, my principal aked me yesterday which function of finance is used in excel to compute the amount of annuity. I am seriously coufused as what to say because I have never used any finance function in excell.
  • I am in the process of buying a new house, I have two options for financing the housing project which are as follows:- a) Either I borrow $50,000 from a bank against the security of the land I will purchase, they will charge a total of 5.25% per annum rate of inerest and this amount is tax deductible and I am paying tax at the rate of 30% (flat) b) Another option is to take the house on finance lease, in this option I am suppose to pay $1000 per month for next 5 years and $2000 as guranteed residual value.
  • I Don't have much knowledge of finance but I want to make money in stock market. I have $200 with me and I want to invest in the stock market. Can any one tell me which company is best buy, I know there is lot of work which needs to be done before evaluating the stock but please help me, thanks in advance.
  • I recently joined a company, on the first day my employer asked me which plan I want to choose 401K or 403(b). I don't know anything about these plance but I am sure it is related to finance and investment. Can anybody tell me what is the difference between 401k and 403(b)
  • I am planning to invest money for my retirement, I am 34 and would like to retire at the age of 60. I want to retire with a monthly regular income of $13,000. Average age of an American according to me is some where near about 75. this is related to finance can any financial expert tell me how much money should i deposit every month till retirement to reach this target.
  • Hi I wanted to ask which stocks in the stock market are most risky and which are most safest from investment point of view. I need some finance expert to answer this question.


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