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  • Hi! I am planning to open an online business, for which I need to get my advertisment design, it will be a online shop for fresh flowers, please help me in giving me marketing consulting!
  • Hi! I am Kathrine, I am looking for a marketing consulting particularly for SEO work for my company. Can you please help me with this, please!!
  • I signed up with a marketing consulting company, about a month before, the services provided by them is hopeless, they have already ruined by campaign and have charged heavily. I urgently need marketing consultancy for my advertisment campaign which will be held a week after, please help
  • My name is Kathy, I am a marketing constanat and provide marketing consulting to different firms, I had a client whom I had provided a service with a non cancellation policy, I had provided best of my services but the customer has refused to provide me my service fees, Please guide me how to deal with this case
  • Hi! I want to get my advertisment and internet campaign design, please can some marketing consulting firm help me with this, I want to run a campiagn for my product which reduces fat and obesity issues


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